Rhubarb Bird Bath

August 03, 2023

I've had this GIANT rhubarb leaf from Michael Harbridge at Learn Fired Arts for a few weeks that's been burning a hole in my table. My first attempt at making this bird bath failed, but this second attempt has gone much better. Rhubarb Bird Bath

My lessons learned (two of the 3 are in Michael's video on Facebook that I rewatched) are to use a 1/2 inch slab, reinforce the vein with a coil, and to use a less severe mold. The first mold I used was a planter and the second was one that I made off of a wok. I do wonder with the 1/2 inch slab if I could use the first mold and may try it again.

Rhubarb Bird Bath

I used a puzzle mold from Michael as well to build what I hope will work as the base. I won't be able to test it out until I bisque it. If it doesn't work it will make an awesome floor vase.

Rhubarb Bird Bath

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