Mushroom Jewelry Box

July 17, 2023

Mushrooms seem to be all the rage right now, as they should be since they are so cute. When I was in Chaumont a few weeks ago I had this vision of a Mushroom Jewelry holder. Initially I was thinking this would be like the birdbaths I've done in the past where it has a flat top where you can put jewelry and then holes around the outside. Mushroom Jewelry Box

But then when I was actually thinking about how to design it I realized I could make it into a jewelry box by enclosing the bottom and leaving it 2 pieces. This is effectively the same as making a mug, but shorter and without a handle.

Mushroom Jewelry Box

In my original vision I saw a worm on the top for rings. It's a little inch worm. Isn't she cute? I'm super thrilled with how this is coming together.

Mushroom Jewelry Box

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