Diamond Core Tools Cink - Life Changer

June 22, 2023

My studio is in my basement and my husband has been promising to finish the bathroom there since before we were married (we just celebrated our 12 year anniversary). I've been using the sink upstairs which theoretically isn't all that far, but sometimes it seems like it is. I also worry about clogging the pipes with clay, especially as I've been doing more and more pottery. Diamond Core Tools had a "cinko" de Mayo sale last month and I took the plunge and bought the Cink.

The Cink is a closed water system. It uses two buckets to filter the clay out of the water. It was really easy to setup - basically fill up the 2 buckets and the filter with water, plug in and go. I've had the cink downstairs for a week or so now and it's life changing. Having water right there makes clean up so much easier. I feel like I'm able to keep things cleaner. It was a big investment, but I'm glad I made it. Diamond Core Tools Cink - Life Changer

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