Found Lavender!

May 15, 2023

Last year I sent Craig out in the canoe to get me a bunch of lily pads at the cabin. When we got home life happened and I didn't have time to use them right away so I decided to freeze them. This weekend I pulled them out and learned that while freezing works short term (like 1-2 months) it does not work longer term (almost a year). The leaves had all dried out and were papery.

However, I also found this small back of a few strands of lavender and did freeze well. They were in there for less time, I vaguely remember freezing these the end of last growing season. So even though my lavender bushes haven't started flowering yet, I was able to start making lavender things.

I made spoon rests and appetizer plates, but have plans to make more. I'm going to keep using these 5 strands of lavender as long as they hold up, then I'll wait for fresh growth. Found Lavender!

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