Wall Planters

April 10, 2023

I've been meaning to make wall planters for a while. I think they're really cook looking, but also I had someone suggest it at a fair a while ago. They are fairly simple to make (she say's hoping not to jinx herself). It makes sense to make 2 at a time because you'll end up with two half circles. I use a 12 inch circle I had lying around. Make 3 circles and cut one in half. I made my walls 3 inches high. It's ok if you can't make the whole circumference with one strip, just join them well. You want them to be a little firm so they don't just flop down. Add a coil to secure the seam. Wall Planters

The top will need support until it's leatherhard. I just stuffed some extra plastic in to hold it up. You can leave the front flat, but I really like the ruffle look. Since I did the ruffles, when I flipped it over to clean up the back I flipped it onto a piece of foam. When it's firm enough put holes in the top to hang it.

Wall Planters

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