So Many Lemons Let's Make Lemon Curd

April 25, 2023

A few years ago I bought some lemon trees. Every year I get so many blooms and then end up with 1-2 lemons. Not this year. This year I had an abundance of lemons. I should have taken a picture of the trees before I picked them, but I did not. Lemons like most citrus are a winter fruit. They also take months to get to a point when they are ripe.

I live in zone 7 so I keep my trees in pots. When the weather is above freezing the pots are outside. They usually bloom in the summer. I've learned not to get too excited because the little baby lemons often don't survive. It's not until they get to about the size of a walnut that I start to get excited and attached to the lemons. In the fall when it gets close to freezing I bring the pots inside and put the trees near a window where they will get ample light.

So Many Lemons Let's Make Lemon Curd

These lemons were so juicy. So much juicier than you get at the store.

So Many Lemons Let's Make Lemon Curd

I ended up with enough juice from these lemons to make the lemon curd recipe I had 7 times! I was not detered, the lemon curd will not go to waste!

So Many Lemons Let's Make Lemon Curd

I don't know why lemon curd isn't more popular in the US. It's a staple in the UK, but it can actually be hard to find in the US. Citrus preserves in general are hard to find which is sad because it's so yummy. This GIANT bowl of lemon curd is made from a recipe by Cookies and Cups. It worked up really quick an I can't wait to start having it on toast, pancakes, dutch babies, or just eaten with a spoon. Having licked the spoon clean after I got it into the bowl to cool I can tell you it's delicious.

So Many Lemons Let's Make Lemon Curd

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