Marbled Clay Pots

April 15, 2023

Last year at Michael Harbridge's workshop we made marbled clay with a white and a red clay. The pot that I made came out awesome and I've been meaning to make one with brown bear and b-mix for a while. Marbled Clay Pots

Making the marbled clay takes a bit of time, but isn't hard. I started by rolling out 6 coils about the width of a pencil in each of the two clay bodies. Then I took 2 brown bear and 2 b-mix and held them together. Then I twisted them until they wouldn't twist any more without breaking. Next I rolled that back into a fat coil, folded in half, and twisted again.

Marbled Clay Pots

When I felt like the clay was mixed together to to the right amount of consistency I rolled a fat coil that was probable about 3/4 of an inch. I cut coins from the coil a little thicker than a quarter and then rolled them with a pony roller to make them thinner and wider. I used the clay puzzling molds the same way I would with any clay.

Marbled Clay Pots

I love the marbled agate look. One of the coolest things about these is that no two pots will ever be exactly the same.

Marbled Clay Pots

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