Vase Bisque Fail

February 14, 2023

One of my two large vases did not make it out of the bisque. There is a J crack that starts at the seam, goes down to the bottom, and then comes up on the other side. I noticed it when I was showing a few people at the chocolate party. They had asked - can't you just glaze fire it and hope it doesn't get bigger? My answer is a solid no. Let's say it does get bigger - and not just bigger but that side piece falls off in some way. Now you have this giant vase with one corner missing and then it falls into other pieces destroying them, falls onto the sidewall of the kiln causing a mess there, or BOTH! So yeah while it is a very pretty vase otherwise it is now garbage and I can make another one.

Vase Bisque Fail

This vase is the bmix one, but the other one I did in laguna 60 has no cracks. My guess is that it originates on the seam and I didn't compress enough. Next one I make with bmix I'll make sure to compress better.

Vase Bisque Fail

From a foot back you can't even see it! I didn't even notice when I first took it out of the bisque kiln.

Vase Bisque Fail

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