Too Early for Pumpkins?

February 07, 2023

Is it ever too early to start making pumpkins? The little ones are just so cute, but also so finicky to make. I've learned to always have two leaves and two vines because one is very likely to break off before it gets glazed. Once they're glazed they are unlikely to break (unless I drop the box like I did at one of my shows).

I actually make these in a little bit of an assembly line. Roll out the clay and use the pumpkin cutter to cut - let those setup a bit so they aren't too floppy. Then I make all the stems. Then roll the clay thinner and cut out the leaves. Finally I make coils for the vines and wrap them around handles. Once I have all the pieces then it's time to make the pumpkins.

First I make body of the pumpkin. Next I attach the vines then the leaves and then top it off with the stem. Last I do the final touches of moving the leaves and the stems the way I want. Too Early for Pumpkins?

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