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February 04, 2023

As I've been ramping up production for 2023 I realized I have nowhere to store this stuff. I still had things in bins from the last show plus my dining room table was completely full. In the basement I had a really old entertainment center. My husband suggested that we pack up the stuff that was in it since a lot of it wasn't being actively used (I need to find fancy friends and have them over to use my grandmother's crystal goblets) and get rid of the 1970s pre-ikea but ikea like unit. I should have taken a picture before we dismantled it, but neglected to. It was quite ugly and very Inventory Storage

In it's place we put up this wall shelving. The tracks and the shelves came from Home Depot. It was a lot cheaper than buying prebuilt shelves or using wood. I usually hate the wire shelves, but they had this plastic that snaps into it and with the weight of the pottery it works.

Inventory Storage

I made the decision to unpack everything that was in the bins since the last couple of shows were fall/holiday focused. Everything is now in one place where I can see it and I have a lot more than I realized. I have been debating whether or not I am ready for the Maryland Home and Garden show in March and I can now say that I am. I have all the basics and I can focus on making some creative show pieces for the show. I also need to stop making mugs until I sell some because there is no more room. I still have another dozen or so working their way through the drying to glazing process.

Inventory Storage

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