Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

January 07, 2023

We decided to go to a beach closer to home for the holidays this year. Ocean City is only a couple of hours away and there's a ton to do there. When we booked it we weren't expecting it to be frigid, but we still had fun. The first couple of days there it was almost unbearable outside. It was in the single digits at night and teens during the day. With the windchill it was colder than that.

Of course I brought my "travel clay" with me :) I spent Christmas day afternoon making gnomes and mushrooms.

Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

My sister's boyfriend also got in on the action and made a few gnomes as well. I started off by making some wine topper gnomes, which are the same as normal gnomes but much smaller. I've actually gotten pretty quick a making each gnome, but then spend a good amount of time at the end fussing over the details.

Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

Then I moved onto making larger gnomes.

Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

And finished off with a whole lot of mushrooms that will turn into jewelry.

Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

We did actually get to enjoy the beach as the weather got "warmer" (it was about 35). Willow liked to dig holes. Sometimes she would start on her own, but if you pointed at the ground when she was looking she would do it on command as well.

Beach Vacation Gnomes and Mushrooms

River, however, liked to play fetch with the shells. She would go flying after them, getting a face full of sand to pick it up if it landed the wrong way down.

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