Thanksgiving Kiln #3 11/28

December 05, 2022

Whew almost to the end! This was definitely a frantic glazing whirlwind. I packed and repacked this kiln too many times. There was one more elephant ear plate that I was trying to get in. I needed like 1 more inch to fit my my earring holder one shelf down with this one bowl and I couldn't make it work. Then I went to close the kiln and realized I had mis-measured the top of the tree and I needed another centimeter. I then had to take everything out and reconfigure to be able to have a shorter shelf one shelf down. What should have been simple took a whole lot of time, but the peek makes me think its going to be all good.

Loving the elephant ear and I'm really excited about how the squiggle tree looks. There is some more holiday stuff in here including the last of the ornaments and a whole lot of Christmas tree jewelry. Thanksgiving Kiln #3 11/28

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