Thanksgiving Kiln #2 Sneak Peak

December 01, 2022

Just a quick reminder that I will be at the Howard County Holiday Mart this Saturday December 3rd. Just about everything from all 3 Thanksgiving kilns will be with me at that sale.

How awesome are the clay ornaments!!! I realized I likely wouldn't have time to over glaze so I went hunting and found that in my box o NFS (not food safe) glazes I had Palladium. I don't know the last time I used it, but it looks awesome and shiny. There are a couple more smaller ones further down in the kiln. The next challenge is going to be - how much do I charge for these? Despite the fact that the bigger ones do use more clay, they are actually all pretty difficult and time consuming to glaze. If I had gone for a more minimalist approach and wiped back (like Michael did in his video), it would have been easier, but I really wanted deep glaze. It was definitely worth it though. Thanksgiving Kiln #2 Sneak Peak

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