New Glazing Setup

November 08, 2022

For a while my glazing setup has been a little workbench in the garage next to my kiln. When we moved the kiln into the garage Craig moved out. He built the workbench, but now he's moved to the basement and expanded. The workbench is maybe 3 feet long or so. Before that I had always glazed at a studio so I didn't really know if it was good or bad.

This year has been the first year that I've been actively selling my work at shows. This means I've had to make schedules for myself that I have to keep. Which means that sometimes it's really really hot outside when I need to glaze.

At one point over the summer it was probably 100 degrees in the garage. Craig came out and was like - what is wrong with you. I looked down and I was soaking wet. I was literally covered in sweat. It was gross, very very gross.

The heat wave hadn't broken and I had another kiln load I needed to glaze so I setup my tables in the space between the kitchen and the family room. I put a chair in between them and I can use one table as a staging area and the other as my primary space.

I don't know that I can go back to the small workbench in the garage. Having more space means that I can do more. I can also line things up in an order vs having to put it on the shelf. It helps me keep track of how many coats I have. Temperature controlled so I'm never too hot or too cold. Also GIANT TV to watch while I glaze. New Glazing Setup

When we move to NY and I design my future studio having a permanent space setup like this is a must.

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