Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

October 06, 2022

I made some more pumpkins this week. I knew they were awesome, but they were also one of the highlights of the show over the weekend. People really loved them. Here are two new ones in clay form that are now drying. Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

You might remember that this is what the last 2 looked like finished.

Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

I have another pumpkin mold that's a bit more short and wide that I used the same technique on. I think this cutie is going to be awesome too. Now to get all 3 to make it through the glaze process. The pumpkins are really sturdy once they get through glaze, but as greenware they are so fragile. I was so nervous last time on what seems like a very long walk up the basement stairs and to the garage.

Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

Speaking of fragile....I also attempted to make another bark/leaf globe last night. This isn't a great picture, but its the best I could do in the form. The last time I did this was at Michael Harbridge's workshop. I had to think back and remember how I did this. My work table is a lot higher than Michael's folding table and that made it a bit more challenging.

Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

This is the finished piece from the workshop. I left the wet globe at Michael's house and he bisque fired it for me and then mailed it. Going to be interesting getting it into bisque. This one scares me more than the pumpkins! It's just so gorgeous that it's worth it!

Pumpkin and Leaf Sculptures

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