Kiln Sneak Peak 9/21

September 24, 2022

Right off the bat I am really bummed about the crawling on the elephant ear bowl in the top right of the picture. I have had this happen before with speedball underglaze and the Amaco celadons. I thought that maybe it was that I wasn't letting the underglaze dry enough before putting on the glaze, but since I let this dry overnight that theory can't be right. I think I'll just have to give up that combination. I've mostly switched to the Mayco underglazes now, but I do really like this combo (sea blue and fog). I'll have to reglaze, but I'm not going to try to push it before the art show next week.
The question is.....can I do a bisque and two more glaze fires before we have to leave for the Mackenzie-Childs Artisan Fair? Do I HAVE to get that all in? Probably not, but I'm stressing about it so I'm going to try. As soon as a I unload this kiln, I'll reload and start up the bisque. I want to fire a few of the leaf vases, egg trays, and more appetizer plates.
You can see on the top shelf this kiln has some fall jewelry. It also has a gaggle of gnomes, a number of appetizer plates, and a whole lot of magnets. Kiln Sneak Peak 9/21

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