Kiln Sneak Peak 9/2

September 08, 2022

Just a reminder to start - I will be at the Belle Aire Market this Sunday September 11th. Also next Sunday September 18th I'll be at the Bel Air Festival for the Arts. Both are local to me in Bel Air, MD.

I'm super behind getting this up. I unloaded the last kiln the morning before I flew to Orlando. Then I immediately reloaded the kiln and started it up before heading to the airport. The upside was that when I got home it was ready to unload. The next day we drove up to Chaumont. It was an exhausting week, but there's a lot of goodness in this kiln.

I still have full shelves that need bisque, but I'm getting close to getting through the backup created when the kiln was down.

This is the most I've ever run the kiln in a week. I think the electric bill is going to be big. I did an empty run, glaze, 3 bisque, and then 2 more glaze. Kiln Sneak Peak 9/2

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