Fall Leaf Shawl

September 19, 2022

I started off wanting to make a butterfly shawl, but with these colors I think leaf is much more appropriate. This yarn is from Feederbrook Farm and is their silk DK weight yarn. I bought this at the Maryland Sheep and Wool and the colors aren't listed, but its 2 skeins of a burnt orange color, 2 of a cranberry red color, a skein of dark brown, and a skein of a nice deep purple for a total of about 1500 yards.

Fall Leaf Shawl

This didn't come out exactly perfect as the top isn't entirely flat, but once its on you'll never notice it. I think it's because of the different types of stitches that I used trying to create some different texture. The single crochets definitely aren't as wide as the other stitches. I used the same color until it ran out and always switched on rows.

Fall Leaf Shawl

This uses a 4 mm hook.
Stitches used:
ch - chain
ch sp - chain space
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
tc - treble crochet
bphdc - back post half double crochet
bpdc - back post double crochet
shell - 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc
v-stitch - 1 dc, 2 ch, 1 dc
sk st - skipt stitch
bobble - yarn over, pull up, yarn over, pull up, yarn over, pull up (7 loops), pull all the way through
picot - chain 3, insert the hook into the same stitch and pull it through

Start with a magic ring with the orange
Row 1: ch3, 7 dc, 1 trb
Row 2: ch3, 1dc in same st, *2dc in next st*. Repeat from *. In the last stich 1 dc and 1 trb
Row 3: ch5, sk st, *1 dc in next 4 sts, ch 2, sk st. Repeat from * 1 tc in last st
Row 4: ch3, in the chain space (1dc, 2ch, 2dc), *sk st, 1 dc, ch2, 1 dc, sk st, shell in the next ch space *, Repeat from * once. Sk st, 1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc, sk st, in next ch sp 2dc, 2ch, 1dc, 1trb in last st
Row 5: ch3, sk st, * in next ch sp shell, 1 dc, sk st in the next 2 sts, in next ch sp v-stitch, sk next 2 sts, 1 dc. Repeat from *. In the last ch sp shell, sk st, 1 tc in the last stitch
Row 6: ch3, sk st, 1 dc, *In next ch sp shell, dc, dc, sk 2 sts, v-stitch, sk 2 sts, dc, dc. Repeat until end with a tr in the last stitch.

Ok so here is the pattern to follow for the rest of the shawl - in row 5 there was 1 dc between the shell and the v, in row 6 there were 2, in row 7 there will be 3....are you seeing the pattern here? The number of stitches between the shell and the v increases by 1 every row from now on. That's the big secret for this. Like I said before I decided to make it texturally interesting so I experimented with different stitches. You can follow my path or create your own.

Fall Leaf Shawl

Row 7-9: dc
Row 10: alternate dc with 3 dc in the same stitch
Row 11: dc
ROw 12: alternate dc with 3 dc in the same stitch
Row 13: dc
ROw 14: alternate dc with 3 dc in the same stitch
Row 15: dc
Row 16: hdc
Change colors - red
Row 17: sc
Row 18-20: sc, ch
Row 21: hdc
Row 22: dc
Row 23: hdc
Row 24: sc
Row 25: bp hdc
Row 26: bp dc
Row 27: bp hdc
Row 28: sc
Change colors - brown
Row 29-30: 2 hdc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 31: dc
Row 32-33: 2 hdc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 34: sc
Change colors - orange
Row 35: dc, ch
Row 36: 2 dc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 37: dc, ch
Row 38: 2 dc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 39: dc, ch
Row 40: sc
Change colors - red
Row 41: hdc, ch
Row 42: dc
Row 43: hdc, ch
Row 44: 2 hdc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 45: hdc, ch
Row 46: 2 hdc in the same stitch, sk st
Row 47: hdc, ch

Fall Leaf Shawl

Continue to use the red at this point to do a sc across the flat top. This helps to even it out if it hasn't been even.
Change colors - purple
Row 48: bobble, ch
Row 49: tc, ch 3. In the shell spaces ch 5 instead of ch 3
Row 50: * sc, hdc, dc, hdc. Repeat from *. In the shell space - sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc. For the v-stitch make sure you still sk a stitch then just sc in the 2 chains
Row 51: sc in the sc and hdc stitches. Picot in all the dc stitches (and in the tr for the shells)
When you get to the end sc across the top again.

Fall Leaf Shawl

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