Plants in Handmade Planters

August 09, 2022

I've been making all these planters and most of the ones from my first batch were for plants I had purchased that needed a home. I have one more pot I need to glaze and more succulants waiting to be potted in it. Plants in Handmade Planters

First up is my Rat Tailed Cactus in it's new hanging planter. All of these plants are in my office. This one will eventually (hopefully) bloom really pretty red or pink flowers. It needs a lot of light so I hung it in a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Plants in Handmade Planters

Next is a Gryphon Begonia that I got at the Belle Aire Market from my neighbor Moonlit Moss. I love how the grey pot lets the plant shine.

Plants in Handmade Planters

Last, but not least are all my other cacti. On the far left are Lithops Live Rocks, next to it is Haworthia. My Philodendron has been in my office for a while, but I think might actually be time for a repot as it climbs up the wall. Last on the right is Crassula Baby's Necklace.

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