Kiln Sneak Peek 8/9

August 13, 2022

So I'm a little worried about what's in this kiln. When I was watching the last few minutes waiting to turn off the fan I noticed that the temp was only 2138 and not 2167 like it should be. I knew that I was getting close on my kiln elements, but thought I had another couple of firings before I had to change them out. Kiln Sneak Peek 8/9

Mostly it looks ok, but the two fern plates don't have the usual bluish tint to the oribe. The egg tray is Spectrum's Nori Green and it didn't break over the texture the way it should. I'll have to look closer when I can actually unload the kiln. I am really liking the yellow on the coaster though. That's a new glaze from Spectrum - Butter Yellow.

I couldn't really see the cone pack in the picture so I decided to pull it out. Things you should not do - pull the kiln back out with your bare hands when the kiln is still 300 degrees. I have a nice blister on my thumb. The top definitely didn't get quite to cone 5. I'll likely have to refire a number of things in here :( The good news is that the new kiln elements have arrived so it's just a matter of replacing them. Definitely enlisting Craig's help - I don't do anything eletric.

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