Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

August 30, 2022

I used to have elephant ears in the front of my house by my stoop, but a few years ago we had a really cold winter and after that they never came back. I've been looking for years at Home Depot, but every time I saw them the box was already empty. I went to a local market this spring and they had them! I wish I took a picture of the seed because it was enormous. I got a large planter figuring that I can bring it in for the winter so it won't be affected by the cold. I was worried it was a dud because nothing grew for a few weeks, but after a trip to Chaumont I came home and we had elephant ears.
With all the heat the last few weeks a few of the leaves were dying off so I cut off two and decided to make pots. Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

I wanted to try to make a birdbath so I did it two different ways. This first one I cut up a pool noodle and propped it on all 4 sides to create the shape I wanted.

Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

For the second one I used my large bowl mold and started it upside down. This gave me a bit more of a bowl shape which I liked.

Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

What I did not think to do, however, was add a foot so it is a bit wobbly. I do really like the shape.

Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

I also took a smaller leave and made a bowl with that.

Elephant Ear Birdbath and Bowls

Once again I forgot the foot. There is a 4th one I made on this same smaller form that I remembered the foot on. All of these were made using Laguna 66 because I wanted to be able to have them outside and deal with the elements.

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