Simple Sundress Cover Up

July 18, 2022

I hesitate to call this a pattern because it was so quick and simple to do, but it's exactly what I wanted and intended so I'll share. I have a lot of sleeveless dresses that I like to wear in the summer. Maybe it's just in my head, but it feels like they aren't dressy enough. I usually wear something over them to make them more work appropriate. I wanted something that dressed it up just enough, but didn't actually add any warmth. This is a cover up for when its really hot out and you just don't want to be wearing anything.
I chose a yarn that would work work my black, navy, and grey dresses the Fire in the Evening color way from Dragonfly Fibers on their Pixie fingering weight yarn. The skein is 430 yards and I used probably about 2/3 of it. Simple Sundress Cover Up

There was a pattern that I made a cardigan with a few years ago that I can't find that was the inspiration for this. I really wish I could find it because I'd love to give the woman credit. I modified it a bit and changed it into more of a poncho, but I loved the stitch. The diamonds are basically chains with single crochets. You can do any odd number of chains and then you single crochet into the middle stitch on the next row.
For this I used a 4mm hook.
ch - chain
sc - single crochet

Simple Sundress Cover Up

I decided to use 11 for my odd number, but you could do more or less depending on how big you want your diamonds to be. For the first row you want the number of skiped stitches to be half of your odd number, but round down. So since my odd number was 11. 11 / 2 is 5.5 so I cast on in multiples of 5. When I got to 80 that felt like the right amount for it to drape nicely just above my elbows. I then added 11 stitches for the first stitch for a total of 91.

Cast on 91 stitches

Simple Sundress Cover Up

Row 1: sc in the 6th stitch from the hook, * ch 11, skip 4 stitches, sc in the next stitch. *Repeat from star to the end Row 2: chain 6, sc in the 6 stitch which is the middle of the 11, *chain 11, sc in the 6 stitch which is the middle of the 11. Repeat from * until end Repeat row 2 until you reach your desired length. I did 20 rows. The great thing about this is that you can mostly eye what is the middle, I didn't go crazy making sure that I was always in the 6th stitch (vs the 5th or the 7th).
Make 2 panels. I sewed them together leaving 10 inches for the neck and about 8.5 inches for the arms.

Simple Sundress Cover Up

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