Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

July 25, 2022

I toyed with the idea of calling this the Frankensweater because the pattern I was working towards morphed so many times, but no one would get it but me. I started this over the winter and I think that what I was making then was a poncho, but I ran out of yarn. I tried to stretch it as best as I could, but the lemon peel stitch uses a lot of yarn. I went to buy more yarn, but they were out of stock. When I went back to it, I had no idea what I was doing. I started by ripping back to just the big rectangle portion, but then it felt like it wasn't wide enough for a poncho. It did feel like the start of a sweater....so that's what it became. The pattern for this is very notional because I took terrible notes as I kept changing things.

This pattern uses Into the Whirled DK Yarn in Captain Tightpants. Yes the yarn is gorgeous, but also Firefly! One of the best shows of all time. If you haven't watched it and like SciFi, I highly recommend. This used about 4 skeins of yarn. Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

I used a 5.5 mm hook for this pattern.
This pattern uses the lemon peel stitch which is alternating double crochet and single crochet stitches. As you increase rows - you're always double crocheting in the previous rows single crochet and single crocheting in the previous rows double crochet. If you ever find yourself doing the same stitch into the previous row - you've gone wrong somewhere. This stitch makes for a very warm sweater, but uses a lot of yarn.
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
hdc blo - half double crochet back loop only
Back Panel

Cast on to your desired width. For a large
Row 1: sc in the 3rd loop from the hook, dc, *sc, dc. Repeat from * - end with a dc
Row 2: ch 1 (this counts as a sc), *dc, sc. Repeat from * - end with a sc
Row 3: ch 3 (this counts as a dc), *sc, dc. Repeat from * - end with a dc
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach your desired length. For a large/extra large I make my sweater backs about 23 inches wide. The front panels then need to be half that.

Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

Side Panel (make 2)
Same pattern as the back panel, but slightly less than half the size. For example, if I cast on 70 stiches for my back panel then I would do 30 or 32 for my side panels.
Sew the sides onto the back. At the top it will sew to the middle and have 2-4 stiches between the panels (depending on how many stitches you used for your side panels vs back). Leave about 8 inches from the top down the side for the arms. I also left 2 inches at the bottom open, but this was purely asthetic.

Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

For the sleeves I always start at the arm pit to hide the join. Repeat the lemon stitch pattern around until you get to about elbow length. Then for the last 4 stitches only do 2. So if you were ending with a dc for a row. You're second to last stitch would be sc 2 together and then the last stitch would be dc 2 together. Do this 2 rounds in a row.
For the bottom of the sleeve I did the same pattern I was planning on for the collar.
Cast on 16.
Row 1: hdc in the second stitch from the hook. Hdc across - you should end with 15 stitches
Row 2: hdc blo across
Row 3: hdc
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have roughly the desired length to go around your wrist area. I did 18 rows.
Sew end to end and then onto the bottom of your sleeve. Do this again for the other sleeve.

Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

Next we're going to make the collar. First turn the sweater right side out. I used the same pattern as the end of the sleeves alternating rows of hdc and hdc blo. Make sure the sweater is right side out. Then lay it down on a surface in front of you with the opening on the top. You're going to start at the bottom right corner. The first row will be hdc. The second will be hdc blo. If you start at the wrong corner or if you don't turn the sweater right side out then you won't see the ribbing when it's worn. You can make the collar whatever width feels and looks good. My sweater has 7 rows. I always end with a hdc row because it seems to look more finished that way.

Lemon Peel Comfy Day Sweater

Pockets (make 2):
Cast on 7. Do the same as with the sleeve ends. I did 8 rows alternating the hdc and hdc blo.
This will be ribbing on the top of the sleeve. Now you're going to pick up the stiches across to make the rest of the sleeve using the lemon peel stitch. Make it to your desired length. The most common thing I put in my sweater pockets is my phone so I usually make it about the height of an iPhone. Sew on the pockets where they feel comfortable for the arms. Mine are about an inch back from where the ribbing starts and 2 inches from the bottom.

I know that this pattern isn't all that specific, but I hope that it's still helpful anyway.

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