So Much Glazing!

June 06, 2022

Spent a good part of the weekend glazing. I have a bottleneck that I need to solve for - I'm out of shelves! My glaze shelves, greenware shelves, and drying shelves are all full! I decided the best place to start was with glazing. If I can glaze everything on those shelves and run 2-3 glaze loads then I can do a bisque, clear those shelves to put the stuff that's currently drying on them, and then have space to put the bisque on the glaze shelves. This is, of course, a never ending process, but I do feel like I had a legitimate backup somewhere because it's unusual that EVERY space on EVERY shelf is full to capacity.

glazing weekend

I am really excited for this bear pitcher. I am really hoping that the glaze keeps the lines crisp enough that you can tell that it's a bear,

glazing weekend

I'm making a whole lot of lemon plates of varying sizes. The ones on the left still need their leaves colored in and they all need a coat of clear on top.

glazing weekend

My "done" shelf. The only thing left to do is wipe bottoms and load!

glazing weekend

Once again my supervisors are sleeping on the job.

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