Kiln Results 6/10

June 16, 2022

I made a lamp! In these kiln results is the lamp....that I made. I started this lamp back in January. I wanted to make sure it was super dry before I put it in the bisque. Then I was waiting to have enough tall things to bisque all on one shelf. Then I took forever to pick a color, but now I have a lamp! I used a kit from Amazon meant for wine bottles, and by I used I mean - Craig did the wiring. It wasn't that hard for him though, took about 20 minutes. I did make the hole slightly too big, if I make another lamp I'll make the hole smaller. I re-arranged my desk so that it would fit with all my computers and monitors. I am just so excited about how it turned out.

There are a lot of lemon plates in this kiln. I never would have thought that I would enjoy drawing and coloring them as much as I do. They also just come out so cool looking. My fairy house is finally glazed as well. I enjoyed painting that a lot more than I thought I would. I'm also really pleased with the Mayco underglazes. I'm definitely glad I got exposed to them, they're just so much smoother than the Speedball ones.

kiln results 610
Mayco Foundations Black wiped back Kentucky Mudworks Foxglove x3 Mayco Dark flux on the top
kiln results 610
Lamp in action on my desk!
kiln results 610
Mayco Sunkissed, Jaded, Teal Next Time then covered with 2167 Clear
kiln results 610
Spectrum Kimchi x3....almost started to lose the texture, next time 2 coats
kiln results 610
Spectrum Jalapeno x3 (also need to use 2 next time)
kiln results 610
Spectrum Autumn Purple x3 (also need to use 2 next time)
kiln results 610
Spectrum Sangria x3 (also 2)
kiln results 610
Mayco Sandstone x3 Norse Blue x3
I love that it's like the footprints are being wiped away!! I also really like sandstone as sand better than winterwood.
kiln results 610
Very light Mayco Candy Apple Red Amaco Smoke x3
kiln results 610
Speedball Sea Blue wiped back Amaco Fog x3
kiln results 610
Very light Mayco Candy Apple Red ????
kiln results 610
Laguna Power Turquoise x3
kiln results 610
Amaco Snow x2 Mayco White Opal
Amaco Obsidian x2 Mayco Cosmic Tea Dust
I should have painted the mouth black...I might reglaze, its still really cool
kiln results 610
Both are Mayco Foundations Green.
Left 3 coats - lost the texture.
Right 1 coat wiped back.
2167 Clear over
kiln results 610
The roof is Mayco Northern Woods x3 and Rootbeer x3
The body is Kentucky Mudworks Seaside
kiln results 610
The details on both sides are all Mayco Foundations underglazes and then it was dipped in 2167 clear

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