Mother in Law Sweater

May 23, 2022

Why is this a mother in law sweater? Because I made it for my mother in law :) We were talking on Mother's Day and she confessed that the sweater I made her for Christmas a few years ago accidentally found its way into the wash. It's now only fit for a small child - literally. She didn't want to tell me, but also she loved her sweater and wanted another one. So as soon as I finished the Popsicle Sweater, I started on a new sweater for her.
This sweater is made from 2 skeins of Fourth of July yarn from Briar Rose. As I was making the pockets I ran out of yarn. I went through my remnants stash and found a pink yarn that I thought complimented it well. I made the pockets and decided it needed trim around the neck. Then I thought it needed it for the ends of the sleeves as well. I finished and was cleaning up - and found a small ball of the green I had from the first skein. Doh! I've decided the pink looks better than if it was all green.

mil sweater

I was in such a rush to send this off that I forgot to write down the pattern before I did. Going to do most of this from memory.
This sweater uses a 5 mm hook.
Start with the back panel. Cast on so it's long enough for the length, I did 70 stitches
Row 1: hdc across
Row 2-4: v stitch across (hdc 2 in a stich, skip a stitch)
Row 5: hdc across
Row 6: bobble stitch across
Row 7: hdc across
Repeat rows 2-7 until you reach your desired width. I did 5 repeats

mil sweater

The two side panels are the same as the back panel, but half the width. Sew the top and up the sides leaving about 8 inches for the arms (for an adult large). For the sleeves follow the same pattern, but work in the round. When you get to about elbow length start to crochet the last 2 stitches in the round together to taper the arms.
For the collar make sure the sweater is now right side out. Start on the bottom left corner and hdc up over and down. Then do hdc in the back loop only. Repeat in alternating rows until your collar is your desired width. I did 6 rows.

mil sweater

The pockets are the last piece. I used the same pattern as I did for the back and made it 14 stitches wide. My last 3 rows were in the pink color vs the green. The last touch was a row of sc around the collar and at the end of the sleeves.

Hopefully this is helpful. My patterns aren't as detailed as others are, but also I don't follow patterns when they are that detailed. I'm always changing it as I go to fit my needs. I'm hoping that others do the same.

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