Kiln Sneak Peak 5/12

May 15, 2022

The planter is done! It made it through to the end with no cracks (that I can see)! It is the biggest thing I've ever made. It easily takes up 2/3 of the kiln, but it's GORGEOUS!!!!!

The calla lilly candle holders also look amazing. The more I stare at this picture the more I realize that I have inadvertantly used 2 different glaze combos and achieved nearly the same colors. The planter has 2 glazes from Coyote - Turquoise Lake and Peacock Green with a little Mayco Dark Flux on the rim. The calla lillies have Clayscapes garden green with a little cream on the top.

kiln peak 512

Letting this cool extra long so that there's no chance of the planter shattering at the last possible step. Now what to plant in it???

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