Imprinting Clay with Spring Leaves

May 26, 2022

My garden is blooming. Every year I feel like it goes from bare winter - where are the flowers? To BAM all the flowers are here. I have much of my garden setup to have very minimal needs. I have perenials that come back every year in rotating showers of color and I have annuals that I have gotten to act like perenials. The secret to annuals that act like perenials - let them reseed themselves before you remove them. With everything blooming it seemed like a good time to do some imprints of leaves and flowers

imprinting spring leaves

My strawberry plate came out rather abismal, both of them. I decided to try using the leaves and then maybe just adding the strawberries later. imprinting spring leaves

Some strawberry and grape spoon rests setup for drying.

imprinting spring leaves

I took fresh hydrangea leaves and then added in some dried flowers that I had. I find that the hydrangea flowers don't work well when they are wet.

imprinting spring leaves

I ended up making quite a few of the lavendar dishes (left) in both hexagon and square. It's the same 6 lavendar stems in all of them, but they all have their own unique look. I'm not sure about the viola leaves (right). They're so faint. I decided I'd use this dish as a test and maybe use the colors for earth to see if it shows through before I make more.

imprinting spring leaves

I have never pressed rhubarb leaves before and I have no idea why. The veins in the leaves are deep and gorgeous.

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