Planters Part 3

April 30, 2022

The last set of planters I made were a bit smaller. They're 5 inches high and vary from 5-6 inches in diameter. These are for the rest of the cacti that I bought.

As I've been looking into care for these different types of cacti, it's amazing how different they all are. Some need direct sunlight, some prefer shade. Some like to be watered, some can't be watered at all during certain seasons. It's making me realize why whenever I buy those cute little cactus gardens why so many of them die. I have one in my office that started with 5 different types and all but 2 have died. But if they all had different water needs then its no wonder!

Planters Part 3

Each planter has its own little plate. This one is based on a round form, but I also made a hexagon and a rounded square.

Planters Part 3

Made one with a wavy edge because it just wanted it.

Planters Part 3

Planters Part 3

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