Template Bowl from my new Cricut

March 01, 2022

I got a Cricut Maker 3 for my birthday. My intension is to use it for ceramics, but I think there are also a few t-shirts in my future as well. The software is relatively easy, although there are simple things that you just can't do (why can't I just add a square border?!). My first use has been making templates for bowls. One of the awesome things about not just Cricut, but die cutting in general - there are a ton of resources out there.

Through various web sites I found Template Maker which has an option for cones - aka bowls. I started with a bowl that is 8 inches in diameter on the top, 6.5 on the bottom, and 5 tall. It's a little big right now, but it's bmix so there will be significant shrinking.
Once I had the template from Template Maker, I used Adobe Illustrator to cut it into two pieces so it wouldn't be too big for my matt. I also cleaned up the grey line in the middle so it would not cut that. On the Cricut I used the deep cut blade and the purple sticky cricut mat. Everything I read said to make sure the foam is really attached so I used my pony roller, and then realized I should have cleaned it first. I taped it together using painters tape and voila! For the bottom I used one of my GR Pottery forms.

template bowl

The making was fairly basic - bevel the sides, slip and score really well, add a coil to the bottom. I also used one of my large puzzling forms from Michael Harbridge as a rounder. You can see it started off a little wobbly.

template bowl

It's drying now. I still need to decide whether or not I'm going to add feet. At this point I'm thinking no, but when it's dry enough to flip over I might feel differently.

template bowl

I've already made more templates to try, but haven't had the chance to make more bowls. I realized that I could make my process simpler if I use the smart vinyl. As long as the template isn't greater than 12 inches wide then I can cut it all in one piece (which also means not worrying about using the sticky mat). Then I can lay it on the craft foam, use a marker to trace, and cut it out. Bonus: if I have pottery friends who want forms I can use the vinyl again without having to cut more on the cricut.

template bowl

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