Kiln Results 2/16

February 20, 2022

Some really goodies in this kiln opening and only one real disappointment. I have made so very many gnomes and some of them have come out in this kiln, but there are more coming :)

Some of these are gnomes that came out previously, but I've setup a little gnome gallery in my office that I'm pleased with

Clayscapes Spearmint, Starry Night, and Crown Heights - my favorite piece!

Laguna 60 Clay KY Mudworks Hydra Light Flux

Clayscapes Shadow Blue and Cream

I managed not to write this down :( but its super pretty

Coyote Turquoise Lake and Peacock Green

Midnight Ceramics Old Forge Floating Blue, Mayco Frosted Lemon, Mayco Hot Tamale

Left: KY Mudworks Inferno Red and Cosmic Tea Dust, Mayco Hot Tamale

Mayco Cotton Tail and Candy Apple Red, Amaco Cobalt

My first attempt at peacock glazing - FAIL
Manganese Wash then Mayco Dandelion, Candy Apple Red, and Teal Next Time then Glacier on top

Amaco Cherry Blossom, Mayco Teal Next Time

Coyote Peacock Green

Coyote Turquoise Lake and Peacock Green

Coyote Turquoise Lake, Peacock Green, and Hydra??

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