Kiln Results 12/19

December 21, 2021

Last kiln opening of the year. I spent all day Sunday glazing. Have some awesome and some fails. Tried out KY Mudworks Brown Bear clay for the first time and I love it, but definitely some glazes work better on it than others. I think I need to make some mugs with it and have bare clay on the bottom.

Laguna 60 Clay Clayscapes Spearmint, Starry Night, Crown Heights

Another view of my favorite from the kiln!

Laguna 60 clay Clayscapes Coastal Blue, Cobblestone

Laguna 60 Clay Mayco Green Opal x3, Aurora Green x2

Amaco Ice x3 Mayco Light Flux on the rim

Midnight Ceramics Test Glaze Old Forge Floating Blue x3

Amaco Textured Turquoise x3

Speedball Black wiped back Amaco Wasabi x3

Amaco Glacier x3

Speedball Aqua, Teal and Sea Blue Wiped Back Amaco Ice x3

Midnight Ceramics Toasted Arsenic x3

Speedball Aqua wiped back Amaco Ice x3

Speedball Teal wiped back Amaco Ice x3

Gnome Mug!
Hat/Inside Clayscapes Cranberry, Nose Mayco Hot Tamale x3, Mayco Northern Woods x3

Inside Amaco Chun plum x3. Top Ancient Copper x3, Middle Amaco Chun Plum x3, Bottom Amaco Storm x3

Coyote Oasis

Nose - Orange a Peal, Hat - Tuxedo, Jessica Putnam Phillips 2167 Clear

KY Mudworks Sweet Pea x3

Georgie's Scotch Pine x3

KY Mudworks Turquoise Jewel x3

Laguna 60 Clay Clayscapes Garden Green

Laguna 60 Clay KY Mudworks Hydra x3

Mayco Just Froggy x3, Mayco Hot Tamale x3, Amaco Saturation Gold Tip

Brown Bear KY Mudworks Hydra x3

Brown Bear Mayco Hot Tamale x3

Brown Bear Clayscapes Spearmint, Starry Night, Crown Heights

Mayco Just Froggy x3, Rosey Posey x3, Sunkissed x3, and I didn't write down the blue :(

Left clay is Laguna 60, Right is Bmix
Clayscapes Coastal Blue, Cobblestone

Left clay is Laguna 60, Right is Bmix
Amaco Ice x3

Left clay is Bmix, Right is Laguna 60
KY Mudworks Hydra x3

And now for some fails.

The top is Midnight Ceramics Unlucky Penny except it doesn't look like it. It's almost like I accidentally put a coat of something else on? Also the Chun in the Middle is weirdly orange

These are actually mostly ok, but one of the ornaments fell off the stilt and landed on top.
Also I love the brown bear color, but I feel like the beards need some white.

My fault, forgot that the Sexy Mermaid Runs. I think with my diamond core sanding disk it will be fine for my own use

Multiple problems - didn't clean up the black enough when I messed up. I can't draw strawberries :) But also the glazes completely washed out with the clear on top

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