Thanksgiving Kiln Opening

November 21, 2021

Quickly unloaded the kiln yesterday before Thanksgiving. I know what you're thinking, Thanksgiving is next Thursday. You're right, except I moved it to suit my needs.We kept it small this year, just family. It's amazing how easy cooking for 9 is when you're used to 25. Made all the old favorites, but tried a new pie (salted caramel chocolate pecan), new dinner rolls, and new gravy. Turned out really well.

I also feel like I'm getting really good at puff pastry. I used it for the baked Brie and for the McDonald's like apple pie.

I do wish I thought to take a picture of the table because I used all of my pottery as serving dishes. I used several of my test tiles as little butter servers.

Real picture coming soon, but I took some quick ones. Made everyone thanksgiving jewelry. Thanksgiving Kiln Opening

Thanksgiving Kiln Opening

Thanksgiving Kiln Opening

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