Green Poncho

November 11, 2021

I've been looking for the right project for this yarn for a while. It's super warm and could have ended up not being functional. I was looking at poncho patterns online and decided that was what this yarn was meant to be.

The pattern is one I made up a bit as I went along. I made it about 24 inches wide. The body is a row of single then half double then double crochet. I repeated those 3 rows until I got to the right length. I finished the sleeves with another of that pattern then 3 rows of camel stitch and finished with a row of single crochet. The bottom was a row of single crochet, 3 rows of camel and then a row of single. The collar I made a bit taller with a row of single, 9 rows of camel, and finished with a row of single.

Green Poncho

Green Poncho

Green Poncho

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