Finally back to clay

September 18, 2021

I was home from the workshop less than 24 hours last weekend before I flew to Atlanta for work. It was a great two days getting to meet people, but by the time I got home Tuesday night I was wiped. Wednesday I went to bed at like 730 and then Thursday we had to go to the grocery store because there was no food to eat. Finally got back to making some things on Friday.While I was in Atlanta I started on a new sweater. I had all the pieces together and ended up sewing the body and the front together on the plane. If I hadn't been upgraded to first class, there is no way I would have had the room. People probably thought I was nuts. But I needed to get it together to start on the collar. Collar is done now, just need to add the sleeves and see on the pockets.

Finally back to clay

Spend a little bit of time checking on the pieces from the workshop. Most were dry and are ready for bisque. I put underglaze in my name keepsake mug. I also setup a couple of tiles and my last mug to do water etching on.

Finally back to clay

This week was the first week I got to deliver mugs to my coworkers and they were a huge hit. I came home with a keg of more to make so I got to making. I made more than were requested assuming that I'd end up needing a few extras. Tonight I cleaned them up and carved in the mountains.

Finally back to clay

Finally back to clay

Finally back to clay

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