Clay Camp Day 2

September 07, 2021

First was a tour around Clayscapes. It is so much bigger than it looked on video.

Started off the day making tiles. I made these freehand without a cutter and I'm really happy with them. Tomorrow once they've set up we are going to do surface decoration. Ultimately the goal is to make a wall quilt. I'm seeing these in my future with a hexagon shape. Going to have to buy a cutter for that though.

Clay Camp Day 2

Then Jess showed us the setup for some of the surface techniques. I'm intrigued by slip trailing and see some pilchers slip in my future.

Clay Camp Day 2

In the afternoon we made cups and mugs for surface decoration. I made a brand new form with a darted bottom that looks amazing. I also want to try it upside down for a case.

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