Gardening, bisque and first flight since the pandemic

June 13, 2021

Yesterday I was out in the garden all afternoon. After 2 weekends away the weeds had tried to take over. One thing that it took me a few to identify was something I hadn't seen before. This winter we put out a squirrel feeder with peanuts. Well the squirrels buried a bunch in the planters and yard. 

Did a bisque firing this weekend too. Bunch of things in there that are exciting including the egg tray and my first planter.

Had some trouble loading my first pumpkins into the kiln. I snapped off the curly vines on the biggest and liters. Going to make it work.

On my first plane trip since covid began.  It is very hot and I am sweating in this mask. Luckily it's a very short flight.

The lilies are in full bloom, including the ones I've been using as greenery backdrop for a lot of my recent pots.

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