Bottle melting

June 21, 2021

I have a huge backlog of bottles to melt, but I was asked if I had any pictures. Melting bottles is fairly simple if you have a kiln. The most difficult thing is getting off labels - some come off easy and some require a whole lot of hot water and scrubbing. After that it's just about arranging them in the kiln.

Some glasses do not like to fuse together well. I find that if I can see a great difference in the quality of the glass that it's likely they will have an issue.

Coke bottles really like to fuse together. Very little chance of cracks. This is an example of what happens with any bottle that has enamel on it. Some of it comes off, but you will be able to see it. I have drunk some bad wine to get to a cool bottle.

Bottle melting

These are tiny little vinegar jars that fused together nicely.

Bottle melting

Sometimes you get bubbles depending on how the glass cools. I love how they look.

Bottle melting

If a bottle has raised glass areas they will come through.

Bottle melting

Blue bottles are my favorite, but harder to find.

Bottle melting

For a normal size bottle 4 across is the most I can do in my kiln.

Bottle melting

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