Productive weekend

May 17, 2021

Sunday ended up being a really productive day. I made new pillows for the couch. The old pillows were just threadbare. As I was making the new ones I realized that I made the old pillows at my first apartment 20 years ago! They held up a long time, but it was time for new ones. I'm really happy with the fabric from Spoonflower and I'd order from them again.

Productive weekend

Spent the bulk of Sunday glazing. It is amazing how time consuming it ends up being. I still need to glaze my fish before I'm ready to load up the kiln. I also re-made the zinc free clear that I made a few weeks ago with the wrong silica. I have a few mugs I'm going to use it on the outside on with decals./>

Productive weekend

The dogs kept me company while I was out in the garage. Looking at this picture I really need to do another bottle melting to gain some space and also look like less of a wino.

Productive weekend

Finished up Sunday making my own bead/earring holder. This is going to hold a lot more in a much more confined space than what I was using previously. I'm super excited to try it out.

Productive weekend

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