May 14, 2021

Finally put together my first planter last night. It will be based on Jessica Putnam Phillips design, I just made mine slightly bigger and decided that I wanted to have texture on the sides. I had cut the slabs out over the weekend, but ran out of time before I could actually assemble it. I was more focused earlier this week on getting handles on the mugs I threw. 

The slabs had setup nicely and it came together pretty quickly. 

Once it sets up a bit I'm going to make the sides a little fancier and put the drainage hole in the bottom. Made a saucer last night for it to sit in.

For some reason last night I also decided to make a bunch of roosters. I'm not sure yet what they are going to be. Magnets? Wind chimes? Wall hanging? Other suggestions?

Also finished winding the yarn last night from my Maryland Sheep and Wool purchases. No I did not buy all of the yarn, I did leave some for the other patrons. 

My first project is going to be with the feathered yarn I bought from WithersWool. How pretty is the amethyst yarn with the dark feathers? They aren't too far away and I definitely want to go visit the farm at some point this summer. I'm thinking it's going to be a shawl. I bought a second matching skein without feathers to be able to make something a little bigger. 


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