Gnome and other Bisque

May 24, 2021

Unloaded the bisque this morning. My first gnome is closer to making it into the garden. None of his hair broke off!

Gnome and other Bisque

The bowl with the spaghetti also came through bisque in tact. Plus I fixed the leaf bowl with Ceramic Shop's Ware repair!

Gnome and other Bisque

Mermaid mugs also made it through the bisque in tact.

Gnome and other Bisque

How cute are the birds on the earing holder?!

Gnome and other Bisque

My original plan was to do another bisque since there were so many things that didn't make it in, but my shelves are full so time to glaze! I think if I start tonight I should get the glaze firing done and cooled before the holiday weekend. Do I risk using my new Sexy Mermaid glaze from Midnight Ceramics on the mermaid mugs despite never having tested?

Gnome and other Bisque

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  1. Very interesting techniques I see here! One question, why are some of your pieces more towards the pink side?

  2. This particular clay (Laguna B-Mix) looks slightly pink when it is bisque before the glaze fire. Once it's glaze fired then it's bright white


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