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May 11, 2021

Been making various pottery things lately. I suppose it's been a little scattered. I saw something on pinterest that inspired me to make mermaid mugs. Just about everyone I've shown them to so far has said they want one. I plan on glazing them a greenish blue on the outside and pink on the inside. 

Wet Mermaid Mugs

My fish for my garden stack have come out of the kiln. Hoping to spend some time this weekend glazing them. I think one will be blues/greens then the other will be oranges/reds. Still need to plan out the rest of the pieces for the stack too.

Wet Fish #1

Wet Fish #2

Still working on winding all the yarn I bought last weekend during the virtual Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I've made a pretty good dent in it though.


wound yarn

In addition to glazing this weekend I want to throw some bowls and make Jessica Putnam Phillip's 2167 clear - this time with the right size silica. I also really need to spend some time in the garden. I slept  Friday night and most of Saturday then Sunday was gross and rainy. I need to do some weeding and I still need to finish mulching the pots in the back. Maybe I'll do that early in the weekend with the intent of finding some good leaves and flowers I can press into some plates!

Of course it is only Wednesday so I have a few more days left of work before the weekend. Wishful thinking :) 

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